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Happy contacts

Create cleaner and more memorable emails

like YourFirstName@mckelle.com

With a generic email provider, you probably won’t be so fortunate to find JDoe@Gmail.com available.

Instead, you’ll have to opt for something like JDoe4855@Gmail.com, which isn’t nearly as memorable.

With an email like @comcast.net or @verizon.net, you make yourself dependent on the continued use of your service provider.

Should you cancel Comcast internet, your email address goes away with it, along with all marketing efforts you used to promote that address!

Incoming Emails

Not only email — create the website you want too

There are a few website addressess you may like:

  • mckelle.com
  • blog.mckelle.com
  • www.mckelle.com
  • firstname.mckelle.com

Not ready for a website?

Just setup a redirect from your personal domain to your social page like https://www.linkedin.com/in/firstname-lastname-123456789

Your Website

A business card

Your Business Card

What about personal domain name in action at your business card?

Moreover, suppose you are being asked by someone who knows you personally:

  1. What is your email?
  2. It's just my name at mckelle.com!

Easy to remember and hard to misspell, isn't it?

A personal domain for your entire family

Using your last name domain name allows you to use it for your entire family.

Your spouse, your kids will also follow the format.

Private or professional. It’s a family affair.

Set up your family with web pages and email addresses too, for example, YourDaughtersFirstName@YourSurname.com

They will love you for it.

Family loves you

Personal domains are in high demand

While these domain names recently got families, yours is still waiting.

What mckelle.com facts are

  • Tick Uses the .com extension

    .com has social proof, sounds impactful, is hard to misspell; people are just so used to typing .com in domains.

  • Tick Has over 13 years of history

    Now mckelle.com is available to purchase from us for USD $479. Buy it before someone else does.

  • Tick Valuable

    Estimated value of mckelle.com is USD $1313 — a reason to own and invest in this domain name.

  • Tick Memorable

    mckelle.com is easy to remember.

Years ago, a custom domain was a mark of professionalism. It showed experience and dedication that you chose to buy a domain for your email address (and presumably, created a website too).

Today, however, it’s more of an expectation.

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